++ Offer for Used Audio Equipment from my Stock – Updated 06/2024 ++

Over the last few years, due to my interest in different configurations, I have accumulated a lot of audio equipment in my stock, most of which is just lying around and no longer used. I would therefore like to offer the opportunity here to offer some things, in my opinion, well below their current value. If anyone is interested in the devices shown below, I would be happy to receive an inquiry via email. I think it will be worth it. I would like to point out that these are exclusively private sales of used equipment. The option would be to pick up those items at my home, but we could arrange shipping.

  • 2 x woofer Acoustic Elegance LO15H-D8 (high efficiency). 649,00 EUR for 2 woofers.

This is a custom version of the well known LO15 woofers designated as LO15H or LO15HE. I could convince John to make a version with less excursion capabilities but higher efficiency and lower Qts to be more flexible for future projects. These woofers should work well in vented or closed or semi open cabinets, preserving the magic of the LO15 series.


AE LO15H-D8 (black phase plug)

  • 2 x Celestion Axi2050 (new in pen box). 1595,00 EUR for both drivers

These drivers are in new condition, only used for some measurements. I have currently no plans to use these drivers in the next time so that I would like to sell them.