Lautprechermanufaktur Heyder (LMH) is new Contact for DrBA Authorized Prototypes

When I was looking for options to produce my first prototype, I contacted Lautsprechermanufaktur Heyder, among others. But somehow it didn’t lead to any concrete plans. Jens Heyder has long been known for his product range from wooden horns to complete loudspeakers. The information available on the products he produces conveys high quality and excellent craftsmanship. Jens also seems to have a fairly decent range of machinery, including CNC. Under these conditions, even complicated or larger horns should be possible to realize. I am therefore more than pleased to announce that Lens Heyder will be offering my William Neile horns according to his own highest quality standards, manufactured from solid wood. Continue reading

Final Treatment of the WN300ALO Horn with Joha® Violin Varnish

Already during the manufacturing phase of my first WN300ALO horn prototypes I started to think about what varnish the wooden surface could be treated with. Coincidentally, I had watched a TV documentary a while ago about the importance of violin varnishes for the sound of string instruments. Based on this documentation and after doing some research on the web, the decision was made to use a procedure with a set of violin varnishes using a traditional recipe containing a mixture of natural and synthetic resins dissolved in turpentine and linseed oil. The Joha┬« company claims good vibration properties for their oil varnishes, a hard-wearing surface, and a quite short drying time. My decision was to go for the oil varnish 1a product series for my WN300ALO horns. The company also offers many painting accessories to optimize the final appearance of their varnishes – company homepage:

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