A True Expansion Tractrix Horn

During my research about the spherical wave horn I also played around with the tractrix profile. While investigating the wave font expansion of the spherical wave horn I came up with the idea to investigate the same expansion for the tractrix horn and how far the surface area of the propagating  wave front follows the exponential expansion coefficient m:
\tag{1}m = \dfrac{4\pi \cdot f_c}{c_s}
\tag{2}S_{exp}(x) = S_0 \cdot e^{m \cdot x}
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Just another HiFi blog?

Rather not. This blog is intended to give my work on horns a suitable frame and to present information in a coherent form.

I remember very well my first experiences with horn loudspeakers and was fascinated by their sound from the first moment on. These experiences were based on the visit of various HiFi shows or special demonstrations. Inevitably one meets also the usual representatives of round horns, i.e. Tractrix, JMLC or similar/equal to Klangfilms spherical wave horn (Kugelwellenhorn). An awesome and almost comprehensive overview about the Kugelwellenhorn can be found here: Ref. 1.

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