DrBA Calculator and BEM Simulation

DonVK’s second article deals with the verification of the DrBA spherical wave horn calculator and BEM simulation model construction. Only the round mouth spherical wave horn was initially used for comparison to published works. Additionally, the effect of adding a roll-back section or even more a merge of the roll-back section with the inner horn wall will be discussed. As already mentioned in the original patents, the continuation of the horn profile beyond the mouth plane has positive effects and leads to more even results.

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Consistent Modification of the Spherical Wave Horn

This post will be slightly different because it was written in German. German is the language of the original patents used and the main references of the literature used. Alone, to use the original terminology directly and pay homage to the inventors, I have decided to use the German language as a consistent continuation. I think that nowadays it is no longer an obstacle not to publish in English as powerful algorithms for automatic translation are available. For the captions, however, I have used English for the sake of simplicity. Continue reading

Just another HiFi blog?

Rather not. This blog is intended to give my work on horns a suitable frame and to present information in a coherent form.

I remember very well my first experiences with horn loudspeakers and was fascinated by their sound from the first moment on. These experiences were based on the visit of various HiFi shows or special demonstrations. Inevitably one meets also the usual representatives of round horns, i.e. Tractrix, JMLC or similar/equal to Klangfilms spherical wave horn (Kugelwellenhorn). An awesome and almost comprehensive overview about the Kugelwellenhorn can be found here: Ref. 1.

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