JMLC Inspired Horn Calculator

I find it difficult to formulate the appropriate introductory words for a person like Jean-Michel Le Cléac’h (JMLC). Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to discuss my work with him, although theoretically it would have been possible but my interest in horns arose just a few years ago. I would have been honoured to have received feedback on my work from Jean-Michel.

Recently, I realized what meaning as human being Jean-Michel Le Cléac’h must have had for other people when I recognized that Bjørn Kolbrek and Thomas Dunker dedicated their excellent book about “High-Quality Horn Loudspeakers Systems” to him.

Here are two links to for those who are not so familiar with his work and his life: Link1Link2.

Interestingly, JMLC emphasized that we should understand his work on horns more as a method to calculate horn profiles than rather a new expansion. This is exactly how I understand it and this post will describe my implementation of JMLC’s method.

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Meshing Point Clouds for DrBA Horns

In this article I will present a step-by-step guide transforming the point cloud exported from my spread sheet calculator into a 3D triangular mesh. Although my first implementation of a simple 3D visualization was done within Excel, I started looking for a tool that can convert point clouds into 3D printable files. After a first euphoria, however, I quickly realized that an existing and properly looking stl- or ply-file does not necessarily mean that you can print it that way directly. But that’s another story.

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